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Christmas Gift Ideas and ‘Skinspiration’ at CCSD

Look no further than our CCSD skin care store for Christmas Gift inspiration! The Neocutis Skincare Kit is the perfect introduction to anti-aging products. Containing some Practice favorites, the Neocutis Biocream, Journee and Hyalis comes complete with a free travel bag all for only $99! For a real treat, invest in the Clarisonic Smart Profile, an ultrasonic cleansing device for face and body with four speed settings, cleaning your skin 11 times better than hands alone for superior results. For the month of December we are including a free Clarisonic Pedi replenishment kit with every purchase, while supplies last. Our PCA Pigment, Blemish and Dry Skin Bars make perfect stocking stuffers for all skin types. Use the bar after washing with your favorite cleanser as a mini-treatment mask for optimum benefit. Last but not least, we recommend the Colorscience Corrector Palette, a mineral based kit for hiding blemishes and suitable for any skin type. If you are seeking advice for a gift purchase, don’t hesitate to ask our staff for tips and seasonal ‘skinspiration’.

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Dry Skin Rescue Remedies

Our skin becomes susceptible to dryness during the winter months with the combination of freezing cold temperatures and forced air heat. Areas such as the hands, lower legs and lips are often most prone to the ravages of winter because they produce less natural oil. Our dermis provides an armor against the elements and must remain nourished to protect us. When selecting a moisturizer, choose one that is both non-irritating and hydrating. With a unique anti-itch ingredient and sterile delivery system, we recommend the Avène Xeracalm for repairing irritated and dried-out skin to face and body. To soothe and soften dry, cracked lips Avène Cold Cream Lip Balm and Dr. Dan’s Cortibalm are office favorites. Avène Skin Recovery Cream and SkinMedica Replenish Hydrating Cream are rich, emollient facial moisturizers suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Not forgetting our very own CCSD Revive Night Cream containing peptides for added anti-aging benefit. Please remember, if over-the-counter options are not meeting your needs, please seek the advice of one of our CCSD providers. Certain skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema may require prescription topicals to prevent flares. Call the office today at 312-245-9965 if you would like to discuss your dry skin further!

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FDA Sunscreen Regulations and Sun Safety

Top 5 Myths About Sunscreens: They completely block out UVA and UVB rays. They are waterproof. They provide “all day” protection. SPF 100 is 4 times SPF 25. Sunscreen prevents you from producing Vitamin D. The FDA has recently created new sunscreen regulations to clarify the confusion with SPFs, labeling, and sun protection. Currently, a sunscreen can claim that it is “broad spectrum” for both UVA ( the aging, deeper penetrating rays) and UVB (the burning rays) without having an appropriately protective UVA ingredient. Now the government will require the sunscreen manufacturers to use a strong enough UVA ingredient if they claim “broad spectrum protection”. What does this mean for you? An easier time determining what sunscreen is best for you. What do we recommend? We prefer a broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher, and for many patients, one containing zinc oxide. Even these sunscreens are not water proof, they are water resistant. All sunscreens need to be reapplied every 2 hours while out in the sun. The SPF ratings refer to UVB protection only, and the numbers are not linear. Even while you wear sunscreen, you are still getting some sun exposure and will still have Vitamin D production. However, we do recommend Vitamin D supplementation from foods or pharmaceutical grade supplements such as AmeriSciences Osteo. If you haven’t had a yearly skin exam, now is the time to visit us to find out your risks of developing skin cancer. Call us at 312-245-9965, and make your appointment today!

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Top Ways to Manage Men’s Skin

We all know that women and men can be very different. But did you know that there is a difference in their skin? Men tend to have thicker, oilier skin (thanks to testosterone!), which can withstand stronger acne medications and anti-aging products. Men also tend to have more collagen to give their skin fewer fine lines, but often more deep lines on the forehead or frown area. What should men be doing to keep their skin in top shape? Wash your face twice a day. We know you don’t usually wear makeup, but you still need to cleanse excess oils and dirt from the skin, especially if you work out. A gentle cleanser that helps fight breakouts as well as deep cleans the skin is IS Clinical Cleanser. It contains potent anti-oxidants, glycolic acid and salicylic acid to improve pores and refine the skin. Use Sunscreen EVERY DAY. UVA rays from the sun come through window glass and clouds and can cause damage when you least expect it. Men need to protect their skin daily with a moisturizer containing sunscreen. Several are available such as Elta Daily Lotion SPF40, and we dermatologists recommend an SPF of 30 or higher. Add moisture to your body wash. Most guys use macho smelling bar soaps to cleanse the skin, but a lot of these can de-grease the skin, leaving it dry and dull, especially in the winter months. Since men are not the greatest about using moisturizers after the shower, it’s simpler to use a moisturizing body wash. Dry skin lacks something known as “Natural Moisturizing Factor”. One of the ingredients of NMF is Ceramides. These are now added to many body washes such as CeraVe cleanser, to make moisturizing easy. Wear sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection when outdoors. This will help prevent squinting which leads to wrinkles around the eyes and between the brows. It also helps protect that portion of skin from sun damage.

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Great Nutrition for Your Skin

Top 5 Foods for Younger, Healthier-Looking Skin Nuts, especially almonds- They are rich in Vitamin E which is the primary antioxidant to quench those damaging “free radicals” that form from the sun and pollution. Free radicals lead to inflammation and the breakdown of collagen and elastic tissue forming wrinkles and aged-appearing skin. Blueberries- They are super high in antioxidants, such as proanthocyanidins, to help protect the skin. Onion (raw)- It contains high levels of quercitin, the most common flavonol antioxidant. Salmon- It is rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids, which are anti-inflammatory and also help to moisturize the skin. Tomatoes (raw)- They are rich in lycopene, a carotenoid with antioxidant properties to control inflammation that could break down the collagen and elastic tissue in your skin, leading to wrinkles and damaged skin. It also contains Vitamin C, the major component for collagen formation- and don’t forget, Knowledge is knowing that tomatoes are a fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to put them in a fruit salad. You are what you eat, literally. Everything you consume affects your skin, so choose wisely.

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Holiday Proofing Your Skin

The holidays are around the corner, and we at CCSD want to make sure your skin stays clear and glowing. To help prevent breakouts and blotchiness, follow these 5 simple rules: Drink plenty of water – multiple holiday parties means late nights and cocktails. Both can wreak havoc on your skin. Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day and the evening. 80-90 ounces a day are recommended Sleep – no one should fault you for leaving the party a wee bit early to get some good zzzzz’s. Especially if you have multiple late nights out in a row. Sleep allows your body to detoxify itself, and repair damaged skin cells. So get 8 hours if you can. Exercise – you don’t want holiday food to pack on the pounds, but you also need stress relief during the holiday season. Stress leads to increases in oil production and acne. Stress also causes a breakdown in collagen, leading to fine lines and wrinkles. Wash your face before you go to bed – don’t leave party makeup on overnight where it can mesh with oils and plug up pores. Keep your skin crystal clear by using the Clarisonic Pro brush to wash each night. Avoid excess sugars – they increase oil production on the skin, which leads to unsightly acne bumps. Sugars also may lead to early cell death and destruction of collagen, leading to wrinkling skin. Follow these simple rules, and enjoy your holidays with great skin!

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Top 5 Ways to Winter-Proof Your Skin

Top 5 Ways to Winter-Proof Your Skin: Use a moisturizing body wash, such as CeraVe Cleanser, to add some of the natural moisturizing factor (NMF) back into your skin Moisturize your skin within 1 minute of getting out of the shower or bath. Moisturizers that contain ceramides, such as TriXera or CeraVe Cream, work the best. Add a humidifier in your bedroom and run it each night. Protect your skin from the sun daily with lotion containing full spectrum sunscreen, such as Vivite Day Lotion SPF30 Wear gloves and a scarf to keep the dry cold winter wind from dehydrating your skin.

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Healthy Skin Recipe for November

Our Healthy Skin recipes are now going to be part of our blog. This month’s recipe is from Rhapsody, led by Executive Chef Dean Zanella, offers a menu inspired by fresh Italian flavors and the incorporation of local, seasonal ingredients. For reservations, call (312) 786-9911 or visit Please enjoy this month’s recipe of an Apple and Hazelnut Salad. Here is how this delicious recipe is also great for you skin. Olive oil provides the fats that are incorporated into the layers of the skin to prevent dryness (very important in Chicago winters!). Celery, apples, and hazelnuts provide flavones and proanthocyanidins – both potent antioxidants that scavenge free radicals which normally break down collagen and elastic tissue, leading to wrinkles. A tasty way to smoother skin! Our chef also recommends pairing this dish with a Pinot Noir. APPLE AND HAZELNUT SALAD (serves 4) For the dressing: (can be made one day in advance) ¼ cup cider vinegar 2/3 cup olive oil 2 TBSP honey 1 tsp chopped fresh thyme leaves Sea salt and pepper For the salad: 3-4 red apples depending on size (preferably local, Cortland apples are best or Pink lady for commercial) 4 stalks celery (no leaves) 1 head bibb lettuce ¼ cup chopped toasted hazelnuts ¼ cup grated pecorino cheese Either with a knife or a mandolin, thinly slice the apples omitting the core. Immediately place the sliced apples in a bowl and toss with enough of the dressing so the apples are just coasted. Thinly slice the celery on a diagonal. Add to the sliced apples. Tear the bibb lettuce into medium size pieces and add to bowl. Add half the hazelnuts and pecorino cheese to bowl. Toss all ingedients with remaining dressing (you might not need all the dressing) and season with sea salt and pepper. Divide the salad onto 4 bowls and top with remaining nuts and cheese. Serve and enjoy.

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Healthy Skin Recipe for December

December’s Healthy Skin Recipe comes to us via Food & Wine Magazine. It is for a pearled barley salad with apples, pomegranate seeds, and pine nuts. Dr. Jacob’s tips for why this is a healthy recipe for your skin follows after the recipe. Enjoy! Pearled Barley Salad with Apples, Pomegranate Seeds and Pine Nuts Ingredients 1/3 cup(s) pine nuts, preferably from Italy 2 ounces 1/4 cup(s) plus 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil 3 tablespoon(s) white wine vinegar 1 small shallot, minced 2 tablespoons Salt and freshly ground pepper 4 cup(s) Thyme-Scented Pearled Barley (see below) 1 large tart apple, such as Honeycrisp cored and cut into 1/2-inch pieces 1/2 cup(s) pomegranate seeds, from 1 pomegranate 1/2 cup(s) chopped flat-leaf parsley Directions Preheat the oven to 350°. Spread the pine nuts in a pie plate and toast until golden, about 5 minutes. Let cool. In a bowl, whisk the oil with the vinegar and shallot and season with salt and pepper. Add the Thyme-Scented Pearled Barley (see below), pine nuts, apple, pomegranate seeds and parsley; toss before serving. Pine nuts provide Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, to help decrease wrinkling in the skin. The olive oil provides natural ingredients to moisturize the skin from the inside out. Shallots (containing flavonoids), apples (containing proanthocyanadins), and pomegranate provide potent antioxidants for quenching free radicals that break down collagen in the skin. Parsley contains alpha linolenic acid, which provides anti-inflammatory effects, further protecting the skin!

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New Years Resolution for Better Skin

Tired of breaking all those New Year’s Resolutions by February? Why not choose a resolution you can stick with AND makes you look great? Here are 5 tips on getting better skin for 2012: Cleanse twice a day with a glycolic acid cleanser. Why? Because dead skin cells tend to pile up on the skin, leading to a dull, flaky appearance. Glycolic acids help to gently lift dead skin cells off the skin, and stimulate new collagen formation at the same time. They also help unplug pores which can help prevent acne breakouts. Start a topical Vitamin A regimen. Vitamin A helps to normalize the skin cycling process, and also inhibits breakdown of collagen and elastic tissue in the skin (preventing wrinkles). Vitamin A comes in many forms such as prescription tretinoin (Renova, Retin A, Ziana, Atralin), and there are less potent versions over the counter in the form of Retinol. It should be used at night, as it can be inactivated by sunlight. Wear sunscreen with SPF30 everyday. This is the easiest (and least expensive!) way to fight sun damage and signs of aging! UV rays from the sun break down collagen and elastic tissue, leading to wrinkles. The UVA rays cause brown, uneven spots to develop, and both UVA and UVB can lead to skin cancer. 1 in 31 light-skinned americans will develop basal cell skin cancer in their lifetime, and 1 in 67 will develop melanoma – the deadliest form of skin cancer. Sunscreen will help protect your skin when used daily. Seek the shade and get a spray tan or use self tanner. When you want to have some color for warmer weather, self tanners are the way to go. They look great fast, and won’t cause sun damage. Avene Bronzant Self Tanner also smells great! Take omega 3 fatty acids (fish oil gel caps). They are anti-inflammatory which helps with acne, eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, and skin aging. 2000mg daily is recommended.

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Healthy Skin Recipe for January

Here is this month’s Healthy Skin Recipe brought to you via Bon Appetit. It is a Pan-Seared Salmon with Pumpkin Seed-Cilantro Pesto. Enjoy! Pan-Seared Salmon with Pumpkin Seed-Cilantro Pesto Ingredients 2 1/2 teaspoons tsp. plus 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil, divided 1/2 cup shelled pumpkin seeds (pepitas) 1/2 cup (firmly packed) cilantro leaves and stems 1/2 teaspoon cracked coriander seeds 1/2 garlic clove, coarsely chopped 1 tablespoon (or more) fresh lime juice Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper 4 6-ounce salmon fillets (preferably wild) 1 lime, cut into 4 wedges Preparation Heat 1 1/2 tsp. oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Add pumpkin seeds; sauté until beginning to brown and pop, about 2 minutes. Transfer seeds to paper towels to drain; let cool. Reserve skillet. Pulse 6 Tbsp. pumpkin seeds, cilantro, coriander seeds, and garlic in a food processor until coarsely chopped. With machine running, gradually add 1 Tbsp. lime juice, 1/4 cup oil, then 1/4 cup water, blending until coarse purée forms. Season pesto to taste with salt, pepper, and more lime juice, if desired. Heat remaining 1 tsp. oil in reserved skillet over medium heat. Season salmon fillets with salt and pepper. Add to skillet and cook until just opaque in center, 3–4 minutes per side. Place fillets on plates. Spoon pesto over. Garnish with remaining pumpkin seeds. Serve with lime wedges. EVOO is a must in your diet. Why? Because it’s great for your heart, your skin, and your food! Olive oil is rich in vitamins A, B-1, B-2, C, D, and Iron. Most importantly, olive oil helps the body to maintain strong levels of vitamin E, which is a great helper in delaying the aging process. You can also use olive oil as face moisturizer since the healthy fatty acid existing in olive oil encourage soft and suppler skin. But I don’t recommend doing this while cooking! Garlic contains active compounds that stimulate immune function, and scavenge free radicals that can break down the skin and cause wrinkles. Black peppercorns contain good amount of minerals like potassium, calcium, zinc, manganese, iron, and magnesium. Potassium is an important component of cell and body fluids that helps controlling heart rate and blood pressure. Manganese is used by the body as a co-factor for the antioxidant enzyme, superoxide dismutase. Iron is essential for cellular respiration and blood cell production. Zinc and magnesium are especially important in promoting healthy skin. Salmon is high in omega-3 fatty acids which have an anti-inflammatory effect on the cells of the skin. It also decreases the production of enzymes which lead to inflammation. Inflammation is detrimental to the skin, because it causes a breakdown of the collagen and elastic tissue. Lime contains limonene, a compound that which helps detoxify cells. It is also a great source of Vitamin C, which is necessary for collagen production. Bon Appetite!

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Perfect Skin By Your Wedding Day

During the month of Love, it’s time to be Wedding Ready! Yes, we realize your special day may not be for another 4-6 months, however, achieving perfect skin for your day may take 2-6 months. Here is a timeline to help make your wedding day blemish free. 6 Months Prior – See your dermatologist to discuss any skin issues you may have such as acne, brown spots, uneven tone, blackheads, and even excessive sweating (we’re the docs for that too!). If you have excessive underarm sweating, there is now a permanent solution with the MiraDry procedure. 2 Treatments spaced 6 months apart can leave you sweat-ring free. 5 Months Prior – Start (if you haven’t already) a skin regimen to help clarify your skin issues. The skin takes about 1 month to cycle from the bottom layer to the top, so it can take several months to get clear. Vitamin A retinoids, such as Renova, are good for pore size, fine lines, and controlling adult acne. 4 Months Prior – Consider getting a SilkPeel Microdermabrasion, or PCA Peel once a month to clear acne or reduce brown spots. 3 Months Prior – Check out your wrinkles between your brows – no one wants to squint or look stressed in wedding photos. Try Dysport to relax those muscles so you look fresh for your big day. One treatment lasts 3-4 months. 2 Months Prior – See your dermatologist if you have any stubborn skin blemishes that aren’t fading. Lasers and other treatments can help to fade them. 1 Month Prior – Get plenty of rest, exercise, and drink lots of water. Your skin will glow!

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