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The Best CSS Skincare For The Summer

Summertime in Chicago means long beach days, weekend trips and relaxing with friends and family at the park. (plus so much more!!) Here are some of our very own Chicago Skin Science products we carry that are perfect for the hot summer days ahead. Whether it’s clogged pores, hyperpigmentation or just sun protection, here are just SOME of the best CSS skincare products for the Summer: First and Foremost – SUNSCREEN! EltaMD Clear SPF 46: A CCSD Staff and Patient favorite!! Formulated with high-purity Niacinamide to help reduce the appearance of blemishes, discoloration, and photo-damaged Skin. Available in Tinted or non-tinted and great for acne-prone skin! EltaMD Daily SPF 40: A sheer SPF with lightweight moisturizers, formulated with hyaluronic acid. Available in Tinted or non-tinted! EltaMD Elements SPF 44: A chemical-free tinted sunscreen, purely physical with a universal tint – one of Dr. Rachel Pritzker’s favorite SPF’s! Congested Skin Be Gone! Cleansers For All Skin Revision Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser: Just one bottle is a 3-month supply! This soap and sulfate free formula also contains unique amino acids that provides a comfortable clean feeling to even the most irritated and dry skin. Because let’s face it, your skin can also get dehydrated too with this sun! EltaMD Foaming Facial Cleanser: This PH balancing foaming cleanser contains bromelain enzymes to gently exfoliate but not overly strip the skin. Perfect for those wanting a clean feeling without compromising the skin’s moisture barrier. Also available in a travel size perfect for weekend getaways! Get Your Tone On This Summer! Revision Exfoliating Facial Rinse: This bad boy should definitely last the whole summer because it’s a professional-size of 16 fl. oz.! If you’re prone to acne or blocked comedones, this is the toner for you. Containing witch hazel astringent, salicylic acid, and glycolic acid, your summer forecast is looking clear! PCA Skin Nutrient Toner: Need a gentler toner that’s still exfoliating AND smells like a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte? Then this toner is for you! Boost your natural brightness with this toner pumpkin wine enzymes. Hydrate Without Feeling Greasy Avene Tolerance Control Soothing Skin Recovery Cream: This gentle moisturizer will restore the skin barrier while not feeling too greasy on the skin. It contains D-Sensinose postbiotic derived from Avène’s famous Thermal Spring Water to help hydrate and keep any skin type feeling comfortable. CSS Revive Moisturize: Don’t forget we carry our very own lightweight day cream! This affordable cream contains hero ingredients like moisturizing ceramides and Vitamins A,C,E to fight free radicals. Summertime Antioxidants Are A Must! Skinbetter Alto Advanced: This isn’t your run-of-the-mill Vitamin C serum! Alto Advanced is a super-potent antioxidant serum that helps shield the skin against the effects of internal and external free radicals. Vitamins C and E, plus 17 additional antioxidants brings a new level of comprehensive defense. Avene A-Oxitive Water Cream: This elegant antioxidant only costs $42 and contains 1.8% ascorbyl glucoside (derivative of Vitamin C) which supports collagen and brightening. It also has Vitamin E for free radical defense, HA hydration, and mother of pearl  luminescence. Roll Back The Clock All Summer Long Neocutis Biogel Firm: We LOVE LOVE LOVE this PSP (processed skincare proteins) powered hydrogel! It’s super lightweight and is great for oily skin. Reduce fine lines and wrinkles, hydrate and tighten all in one product! Neocutis Journee Firm: Dr. Carolyn Jacob‘s holygrail skincare product! This one-and-done anti-aging product contains PSP technology, protecting antioxidants AND an SPF of 30! Just use in the AM and you’re ready to go!

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Product of the Week: Alastin HA Immerse Serum

Designed to immerse your skin with moisture at the surface, this newest groundbreaking product from Alastin Skincare helps amplify the skin’s natural ability to create hyaluronic acid deep within for fuller, more youthful-looking skin over time. Our product of the week, Alastin HA Immerse Serum, not only instantly hydrates the skin, but also contains Octapeptide-45, which aids the skin’s ability to naturally increase its own high-molecular hyaluronic acid production deep within the skin for long-term, skin-plumping, anti-aging, and hydration benefits. This form of HA is the same molecular weight as the HA naturally found deep within your skin. That means it delivers the form of HA that your body needs, helping to promote plumper, more hydrated skin in a natural way. HA IMMERSE SERUM layers seamlessly under makeup and other skincare and is recommended for daily use as well as complementing dermal fillers. What is Hyaluronic Acid? Hyaluronic acid (HA) is one of the hottest ingredients in skincare right now! It has the power to hydrate, making skin look instantly dewy and plump, while decreasing the appearance of roughness, fine lines, and wrinkles. But what is hyaluronic acid exactly? Hyaluronic acid is a humectant, a substance with the ability to retain moisture, that occurs naturally in the body. Your skin’s natural HA is responsible for volume, moisture, and plumpness. Along with age, external factors like sun damage, smoking, and diet decreases  hyaluronic acid production, causing signs of aging. When used in skincare, hyaluronic acid is considered an extremely powerful hydrator that’s great for all skin types. It acts as a humectant with the ability to hold 1,000 times its weight in water, HA is one of the most effective hydrators out there. What Makes HA Immerse Serum Different? There are dozens of hyaluronic acid serums on the market—but not all hyaluronic acid products are created equal. When comparing HA products you’ll find two central differences: the molecular size of HA used and additionally ingredients the product contains. Alastin HA Immerse Serum is a breakthrough and clinically-proven formula that both immediately hydrates skin at the surface while also increasing the skin’s natural ability to create hyaluronic acid (HA) deep within. For instant hydration, HA Immerse Serum utilizes the most essential form of hyaluronic acid, high-molecular HA, that mimics the HA naturally found in the skin. For deeper hydration, Alastin developed a proprietary peptide, Octapeptide-45, which helps the body’s ability to naturally stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid for long-lasting hydration. Alastin’s HA Immerse Serum includes additional ingredients to further promote skin hydration. Large molecule Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer supports the skin’s ability to retain moisture, while Silver Mushroom Extract provides and encourages additional skin hydration. Hexapeptide-11 helps prevent the production of enzymes that breakdown HA, helping your body’s ability preserve its natural HA.

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Updated Skincare Pricing For 2022

Due to updated pricing per our suppliers, the following products will be subject to a modest price increase effective January 1, 2022. Our mission continues to be providing our patients with the highest quality products and personalized service!   Brand Product Previous Retail New Retail Skinbetter Science Alpharet Overnight Cream 50mL $185.00 $190.00 1/1/22 Alto Defense Serum 30mL $155.00 $160.00 InterFuse Treatment Cream Face & Neck 30mL $125.00 $130.00 Trio Rebalancing Moisture Treatment 50mL $140.00 $145.00 PCA Skin Blemish Control Bar $48.00 $56.00 1/1/22 Pigment Bar $48.00 $56.00 Nutrient Toner $40.00 $42.00 C&E Advanced $120.00 $125.00 Intensive Brightening Treatment $111.00 $115.00 Retinol Treatment for Sensitive Skin $111.00 $115.00 ReBalance $50.00 $53.00 IS Clinical Active Serum 30mL $138.00 $142.00 1/1/22 Cleansing Complex 6oz $44.00 $45.00 Topix (CCSD) Correct Smoothing Cream $36.00 $42.00 1/1/22 Purify BPO 10% Spot Gel $21.00 $24.00 Purify BPO 10% Wash $24.00 $27.00 Purify BPO 5% Wash $23.50 $26.00 Purify GlySal 10/2 Pads $33.50 $36.00 Reverse Peel Pads $38.50 $41.50 Revive Moisturizer $35.50 $37.00 Revive Night Cream $94.00 $96.00 Protect Physical Spray SPF $28.50 $32.00 Revision C+ Correcting Complex 30% $160.00 $164.00 2/1/22 Exfoliating Facial Rinse $84.00 $88.00 Hydrating Serum $86.00 $90.00 Intellishade TruPhysical SPF 45 $76.00 $80.00 Nectifirm $92.00 $94.00 Pore Purifying Clay Mask $48.00 $50.00 Pumpkin Enzyme Mask $48.00 $50.00 Alastin Regenerating Skin Nectar $195.00 $199.00 4/1/22 Restorative Skin Complex $195.00 $199.00 Restorative Eye Complex $95.00 $95.00 Restorative Neck Complex $110.00 $112.00 TransFORM Body Treatment $195.00 $205.00 INhance Post-injection Serum $55.00 $58.00 Silkshield All Mineral SPF 30 $55.00 $55.00 HydraTint Pro Mineral SPF 36 $55.00 $60.00 Soothe + Protect Recovery Balm $40.00 $42.00 Procedure Enhancement System $270.00 $275.00 Elta UV Clear SPF 46 $37.00 $39.00 4/1/22 UV Clear Tinted SPF 46 $39.00 $41.00 UV Daily SPF 40 $30.50 $32.50 UV Daily Tinted SPF 40 $32.50 $34.50 UV Elements SPF 44 $36.50 $38.50 UV Lip Balm SPF 31 $11.50 $13.00 UV Lotion SPF 30 $37.50 $40.00 UV Pure SPF 47 $27.50 $29.50 UV Replenish SPF 44 $34.00 $38.00 UV Sport SPF 50 $26.00 $28.00 UV Stick SPF 50 $34.00 $34.00 Foaming Facial Cleanser $28.00 $30.50 Foaming Facial Cleanser TRAVEL $11.50 $13.00 Moisture Rich Body Cream $29.00 $32.00 So Silky Hand Cream $21.00 $23.00 Skinceuticals CE Ferulic $166.00 $169.00 4/1/22 Phyto Corrective Gel $67.00 $70.00

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CCSD & Chicago Skin Science Holiday Hours

As a reminder, CCSD will be celebrating the holidays with our families and loved ones, and we want to ensure that all of your appointments, prescriptions and products are accounted for! Give us a call at 312-245-9965 (option 2 for scheduling, option 3 for refill prescriptions, & option 4 for Chicago Skin Science) to make sure you’re stocked up and  ready for the holidays! December 23rd – 8:00am to 6:00pm (normal business hours) December 24th – Christmas Eve – CLOSED  December 27th through December 30th – normal business hours December 31st – New Year’s Eve – CLOSED January 3rd onward – normal business hours

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Virtual Day of Beauty Is Just Around The Corner!!

Time is running out to sign up for our annual Day of Beauty virtual event on Thursday, October 7th from 12:00 am – 11:55 pm CST! Register on our website for free, and gain access to these event specials: 20% OFF skincare products on! (only available to Virtual Day of Beauty guests) Online access to event-only discounts on our most popular esthetic, injectable, cosmetic, laser, and body sculpting services! Enter for a chance to win FREE cosmetic treatments and skincare products such as Botox, Dysport, Restylane, Alastin, Revision, Neocutis & so much more! (event-day purchase of skincare or treatments is necessary to be eligible for winning raffles) Virtual all-day event, shop whenever you want on Oct. 7th! 10% of our Day of Beauty event proceeds will go to the Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Registration is FREE on our website! Your confirmation email will contain the password to enter the main event page on October 7th. We can’t wait to (virtually) see you there!

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Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Safe Skincare!

Pregnancy And Breastfeeding Safe Skincare At Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology we realize that pregnancy and breastfeeding are a vital time in yours and your child’s lives. So we want to make sure that you are still getting the best Pregnancy/Breastfeeding safe skincare possible during this time. Below you will find bundles and skincare lines that are great AND safe to use! Melasma (Pregnancy safe) Package Bundle – $438.30, Save $48.70 IS Clinical Cleansing Complex – AM 1 / PM 1 CCSD Correct Brightening Pads – AM 2 Revision C+ Correcting complex – AM 3 Revision Intellishade – AM 4 IS Clinical Active Serum – PM2 (follow with Moisturizer) Acne (Pregnancy safe) Package Bundle – $268.20, Save $29.80 IS Clinical Cleansing Complex – AM 1 / PM 2 Elta MD Clear Sunscreen – AM 2 IS Clinical Active Serum – PM 2 (follow with moisturizer) Epionce Spot Treatment – As Needed CCSD Azelaic Acid (RX) – As Directed  Anti-Aging (Pregnancy Safe) Package Bundle – $413.10, Save $45.90 IS Clinical Cleansing Complex – AM 1 / PM 1 Neocutis Journee – AM 2 IS Clinical Active Serum – PM 2 CCSD Revive Night Cream – PM 3 Not looking to get a full bundle? Check out these Pregnancy/Breastfeeding safe skincare products, sold at Chicago Skin Science! Shop in-store, online or through our CSS App, that you can download for free, on the App Store or Google Play Store.

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PCASkin Research Study Opportunity

Do you have facial hyperpigmentation or photoaging due to sun damage and UV exposure? We are conducting a PCA Peel research study, starting this month! You may be eligible to participate in the study if you meet the following criteria: Women, ages 35-60 No facial laser, microdermabrasion, or filler treatments in the last 3 months  No neuromodulators in the last 3 months Not pregnant, nursing, or planning to become pregnant during study (4 months) No actinic keratosis, vitiligo, active inflammatory lesions/dermatitis on the face No history of keloid or hypertrophic scarring No history of chemical peel sensitivity No excessive sun exposure or tanning in the last 30 days  The study will require 4 months of participation, with subjects receiving 3 PCA chemical peels, 4 weeks apart. Compensation available to participants that complete the study.  We are recruiting 30 subjects of all Fitzpatrick skin types, so if you qualify with the items above, please email [email protected] and our Research Department will reach out to you!

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Chicago Skin Science: What’s new?

Chicago Skin Science: What’s new? Our NEW Chicago Skin Science app is here! It’s available for download from both the Apple App Store and Google play store. We created this app to make it even easier for you to order your favorite CSS skin care and beauty products! However, don’t forget that your prescription refills would still need to be purchased by calling our office or at CCSD in-person. Download the app today!  Product Price Increase Alert Beginning February 1st, 2021 the following products will increase in price: Sente Bio Complete Serum | was $110 | now $118 CCSD Correct Brightening Pads | was $69 | $74 CCSD Purify BPO 10% Spot Gel | was $19.50 | now $21 CCSD Purify BPO 10% Wash | was $22.50 |now $24 CCSD Purify BPO 5% Wash | was $22 | now $23.50 CCSD Purify GlySal 10/2 Pads | was $31.50 |now $33.50 CCSD Purify GlySal 10/2 Spray | was $32 | now $34 CCSD Reverse Peel Pads |was $37.50 | now $38. 50 CCSD Revive Moisturizer |was $32 | now $35.50 CCSD Revive Night Cream | was $88 | now $94 CCSD Revive Warming Scrub | was $60 | now $63 CSS Protect Physical SPF 50 | was $44.50 | now $49 CSS Protect Powder SPF 30 | was $37 | now  $46

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Giving Tuesday: Because Self Care is Important

If you’re still searching for a way to give back this Giving Tuesday, don’t forget that until December 31st, 2020, all profits from the sales of our Epionce Firming Mask & Sesha sheet masks will be donated to Sista Afya Community Mental Wellness. CCSD continuously strives to give back and support non-profits in the Chicago area. One of our newest initiatives promotes self-care for skin as well as mental health. ⠀ We started our “Because Self-Care is Important” initiative to help support and uplift Sista Afya’s important mission of building sustainable mental wellness communities through affordable and culturally-centered community mental wellness care and education to Black women in the Chicagoland area. ⠀ You can help support this amazing organization by purchasing your self-care masks on our website at or by stopping by our store to purchase yours today!

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Product of the Week: Skinbetter Science AlphaRet

Our product of the week is Skinbetter Science AlphaRet, which combines alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) and a retinoid, providing visible skin rejuvenation with little-to-no irritation! This is a CCSD Provider and staff favorite. We’ve also had great testimonials from our patients with using AlphaRet! The most exciting being that our sensitive and dry skin patients can use it without irritation and dryness that they get from other tretinoin or retinol products! It has a nice creamy texture to it, making it a wonderful overnight cream. Benefits and Key Ingredients Combines two gold standard skin rejuvenation ingredients — a retinoid and lactic acid. This creates a revolutionary, double-conjugated retinoid that releases both the collagen invigorating retinoid and the skin retexturizing AHA, that are naturally time released into the skin to allow for optimum effectiveness. Provides moisture (with squalane niacinamide, ceramides, and fatty acids) to help counteract dryness associated with traditional retinoid-based products. Contains a potent blend of antioxidants (vit C, E, green tea extract) to help neutralize free radicals and help protect against collagen degradation. Improves the appearance of lines, wrinkles, uneven tone and texture. Great for all skin types, even sensitive to dry! A trilogy of skin soothing ingredients including allantoin glycyrrhetinic acid, bisabolol and portulaca extract provides a sensation of calmness. How to Use SkinBetter Science AlphaRet Apply a thin layer all over the face at night after cleansing and after any other serums you may use. Work up to daily use gradually to ensure you won’t experience any sensitivity. And remember to always wear sunscreen in the AM, especially when using any product with AHA or retinol in your routine as these ingredients may increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun. SkinBetter AlphaRet Results A significant reduction in the appearance of depth and size of wrinkles in as little as four weeks Improves the appearance of uneven skin tone and texture Skin irritation and redness is calmed after continued use Want to experience the benefits of AlphaRet Overnight Cream for yourself? Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology is an Authorized Physician Partner with SkinBetter Science, which allows us to sells their products in our Practice. Pick one up at your next appointment, or call our office at 312-245-9965 to purchase over the phone!  

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Product of the Week – Tria Age-Defying Laser

Tria Age-Defying Laser Our product of the week is a clinically proven way to visibly restore the natural luminosity to your face at-home! Key Factors Treats fine lines and wrinkles all over the face by sending targeted beams of light deep beneath the skin’s surface where collagen and elastin form, accelerating skin’s natural rejuvenation process. See younger-looking skin in as little as two weeks with the Tria Age-Defying Laser as you rebuild your collagen. FDA-cleared to be safe and effective for use on the entire face Great for all skin tones and skin types. Can be used in conjunction with in-office laser treatments  Benefits of Added Skinceutical Antioxidant System SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic: A synergistic antioxidant combination of 15% L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C), 1% alpha tocopherol (vitamin E), and 0.5% ferulic acid neutralizes damaging free radicals and protects against. SkinCeuticals Resveratrol B E: An antioxidant night concentrate with a maximized concentration of 1% pure, stable resveratrol, 0.5% baicalin, and 1% alpha tocopherol (vitamin E) supports your skin’s natural antioxidant defenses. How To Use After cleansing, select a treatment level and slowly guide the Tria Age-Defying Laser across the treatment area with a smooth, even motion. The device will beep when your treatment is complete. Follow with SkinCeuticals skincare post-laser antioxidant regimen: C E Ferulic followed by Resveratrol B E. For detailed directions, please read the included Instructions for Use before treatment. Treat the desired area at nighttime, 5 days a week for 12 consecutive weeks. Resume treatment after 4 weeks. During this 4 week resting period continue to apply C E Ferulic in the morning and Resveratrol B E in the evening for long-lasting results. Do you want more youthful, radiant, and refreshed looking skin from home? Purchase your Tria Age-Defying Laser today!

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Product of the week – Tria Blue Light

Tria Acne Clearing Blue Light Our product of the week is this safe and effective way to clear skin of acne – using light, rather than relying on skincare or prescription medications. This device can also be used in addition to skincare products to help clear acne faster! Key Factors The Tria Blue Light is a small handheld device for everyday, easy at home use to clear acne and help prevent future breakouts! It’s professional-strength, dermatologist tested and FDA-cleared. Indicated for the treatment of mild to moderate inflammatory acne, the Tria Blue Light is also appropriate for all skin types and all skin tones! Gentle enough for even sensitive skin, it’s also safe for pregnancy usage or allergy-prone skin that can’t use certain ingredients. The Tria Blue Light device also does not require cartridges (for holding a charge) like other light therapy devices! How It Works Blue Light energy penetrates deep below the skin’s surface to eliminate acne-causing bacteria. The emitted blue light is a safe, non-UV light and is also non-irritating. In a study by Tria, results were seen after 2 weeks with over 90% of users reporting fewer and milder breakouts and 70% of their blemishes were cleared. After 8 weeks, 100% of Tria Blue Light users reported an improved overall appearance, with 97% seeing clearer skin! Clears Skin From Within – The blue light gently infiltrates pores and eliminates acne-causing bacteria to get to the source of the problem. Reveals A Healthy Complexion – Use the device daily for skin that’s clear, healthy and glowing. Directions Wash your face with a cleanser of your choice (we love IS Clinical Cleansing Complex for acne patients) to remove oil, dirt, makeup and other impurities that may block the blue light. Dry your face. Glide the Tria Blue Light device over the area you want to treat for just 5 minutes daily. Treat your entire face or just concentrate on breakout-prone zones. Can also be used on the neck, chest and back! Watch Dr. Carolyn Jacob Talk About the Tria Blue Light Device Purchase Your Tria Blue Light in July and Get 15% OFF!

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