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***NEW PRODUCT ALERT*** Alastin ReFORM and RePAIR Complex

Alastin Restore and Repair
The Alastin ReFORM and RePAIR Complex benefits the patients by accelerating the healing process as it reduces:
  • Edema and Inflammation (swelling)
  • Subcutaneous Fibrous Banding
  • Bruising and Tenderness
  • Scarring
It improves skin quality, texture and tone as well!
Key Ingredients
  • TriHex Technology – Actively works to help clear out old, damaged proteins and replenish skin with new elastin and collagen for a smoother, more youthful appearance.
  • Hexapeptide 11 – Supports the body’s natural detoxification and repair process to improve the clearance of waste products, such as lipid droplets.
  • ChromaFADE Technology – Accelerates recovery from post-surgical bruising and enhances patient experience with less downtime and more symptomatic relief
  • Arnica Montana Extract – Helps to reduce the appearance of swelling
  • Centella Asiatica Extract / Tetrandrine / Oleuropein – Helps to balance and prevent overproduction of collagen helping to minimize the appearance of scars.
What procedures does it pair with?
  • Facial Procedures
  1. Facelift – Pretreat with Nectar, Post treat with R&R (behind the ears)
  2. Neck Liposuction
  3. Facial Fat Transfer
  • Breast Procedures
  1. Breast Augmentation
  2. Breast Lift
  3. Breast Reduction
  4. Breast Reconstruction
  • Body Procedures
  1. Abdominoplasty
  2. Liposuction
  3. Brachioplasty
  4. Thigh Lift
  5. BBL With Fat Transfer or Grafting
  • Non-surgical Procedures
  1. QWO

This product is ready to be purchased! You can purchase in-store, online or through our Chicago Skin Science App!