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Product Spotlight by Angela Preski, LE

We are highlighting one of Angela’s favorite products! IS Clinical Active Serum!

Why is this a CCSD favorite? It is great for ANYONE, but particularly great for pregnant or nursing patients, patients that can’t tolerate a retinol, or patients that like to lean more towards the natural, botanical side of the spectrum with their skincare products.

What to know about IS Clinical Active Serum?

  • Resurfacing serum – Gets the “retinol” results, without the downtime
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Diminishes the appearance of uneven skin tone
  • Excellent for blemish-prone skin
  • Smooths and softens the skin, enhances hydration
  • Gives the appearance of smaller pores
  • Provides both rapid and long-term results

Key Ingredients

  • Sugar Cane Extract (source of glycolic acid): gently exfoliates the skin for a renewed complexion
  • Bilberry Extract (source of lactic acid): a natural exfoliant with moisturizing properties
  • White Willow Bark Extract (source of salicylic acid): exfoliates the skin and deep-cleanses pores
  • Arbutin & Mushroom Extract: assists in minimizing the appearance of uneven skin tone while brightening the overall complexion


Use in the evening after cleansing. Because of the consistency you’ll want to use this before any other serums or creams. Potent activity will be noted upon application as evidenced by a cool tingling sensation. Excellent for all skin types and for all ages. Pregnancy, nursing safe. Paraben free.

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Product of the Month!

Our patients have had fantastic CoolSculpting results since 2010, but did you know there’s a skincare product that’s proven to enhance AND speed up body fat reduction?? Alastin TransFORM Body Treatment stimulates the acceleration of the breakdown of fat when used twice daily after a CoolSculpting treatment. We also suggest it to our patients to protect their body sculpting or skin tightening investment with clinically-backed, maximized results. This month, get 20% OFF Alastin TransFORM Body Treatment in-office or on our website so you can enjoy all the benefits this body lotion today!

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Neocutis Raffle

In the spirit of holiday season we wanted to give all CCSD patients the opportunity to share our favorite anti-aging skin care items. From now, through December 21st, every Neocutis purchase will include a free entry to our Neocutis raffle. The winning ticket with receive a Neocutis Lumiere Riche eye cream,  a luxurious BIOcream anti-aging moisturizer, hydrating Hyalis and Neocutis key chain valuing $338! Neocutis uses patented ingredients developed by leading Swiss scientists containing an optimal blend of nourishing proteins and polypeptides. Their PSP® technology harnesses the power of collagen growth factors, to help deliver state-of-the-art skin revitalization. You will find the raffle located at our check out desk and the lucky winner will be drawn on December 21st. Good luck!

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NEW PRODUCT ALERT: RevitaLASHCCSD now stocks RevitaLash Cosmetics! A Physician led, award-winning line of lash and brow products designed to enhance, elevate and restore health and natural beauty to lashes and brows. Established in 2006, the RevitaLASH story began with just one product – the lash conditioning serum – and one cause – to provide a hair strengthening and growth solution during cancer treatment. Now used cosmetically, the award winning RevitaLASH Advanced Eyelash Conditioner and RevitaBROW Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner use a proprietary blend of peptides, lipids, biotin, green tea extract and panthenol to condition and strengthen lashes while defending them from environmental damage. 98% of users report an improved appearance with healthier, stronger lashes and brows. We also carry the 2-in-1 RevitaLash Double-Ended Volume Set designed to prep lashes and enhance volume, creating gorgeous, richly pigmented, luxurious lashes. Buy on our website or in-office today!

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NEOCUTIS Double Points are HERE

Available just for in-office purchases, stock up on your favorite NEOCUTIS products during the month of August and receive double Swiss Rewards points! To join and reap the benefits, download the mobile app to earn and redeem points. You will earn 1 Swiss Rewards point for every dollar spent on qualifying NEOCUTIS products. Once you earn enough points you become eligible to receive a free product – a great opportunity to try something new or save for your fave!

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Join the Sunscreen Scene

Sunscreen helps to protect your skin from sunburn, early skin aging and skin cancer. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends everyone use sunscreen offering Broad-spectrum protection (protects against UVA and UVB rays), an SPF 30 or higher and with water resistance. When dealing with reapplic­ation, the FDA requirement for label directions is to reapply every two hours and immediately after swimming or sweating. However, everyone should be aware that redness is not a sign to reapply sunscreen, but rather to to get out of the sun. If the skin is red at the time of reapplying, this is a sign your skin is already burning. In addition to wearing sunscreen, dermatologists recommend taking the following steps to protect your skin and find skin cancer early:
Seek shade
– One shot glass amount (1oz) of sunscreen will cover your entire body
Wear protective clothing
– Use extra caution near water, snow and sand
Get vitamin D safely through a healthy diet
Avoid tanning beds
– Check your birthday suit on your birthday with a board-certified CCSD provider!


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NEW Skincare: Skinbetter Science

Are you looking to spring clean your skincare regimen? New Skinbetter Science provides the perfect anti-aging solution with their three new core products:

Alpharet Overnight Cream, delivers everything you need for overnight skin renewal. A blend of retinoid, alpha hydroxy acid, peptides, antioxidants and luxurious moisturizers to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in as little as four weeks. A great option for patients with sensitive skin looking for a tolerable topical Vitamin-A retinoid option.

Intensive Lines, a revolutionary hyaluronic acid based anti-aging product. A no-needle approach to smoothing forehead lines and crow’s feet wrinkles.

Daily Treatment Cream, a cutting edge approach to collagen. Using an exclusive and proprietary delivery system to drive a unique messenger peptide blend to help skin appear more youthful. The lightweight texture forms a breathable moisturizing barrier to keep skin hydrated and radiant. This vital age defense product is a complete approach to skin renewal.

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NEW! Skinceuticals Tria Age Defying Laser

This at-home device partners the Tria Age-Defying Laser with state-of-the-art antioxidants for improvement in the visible signs of aging. A quick once-a-day treatment works to reduce fine lines, pigmentation and restore luminosity to the skin.  It can be used in conjunction with laser resurfacing treatments with your Physician or as at home maintenance. This awesome kit also comes included with a post-treatment antioxidant regimen, containing Skinceuticals C E Ferulic® and Resveratrol B E®. This duo is proven to replenish post-laser skin and improve visible signs of aging by protecting against free radical damage and supporting natural skin repair.

In office now, the SkinCeuticals Tria Age-Defying Laser + Antioxidant System is sold for $695 and saves you a massive $180 on items bought separately.

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An Insider’s Point of View | Latisse


…Miracle in a bottle.

I have been using Latisse for four years and my eyelashes have completely transformed from average to fabulous with only one thing…Latisse. I often get asked if I have fake lashes on or eyelash extensions. I have tried the fake lashes but I’ve never been very good at applying them and so half way through my evening, they are usually falling out and can make for an embarrassing situation! My secret is Latisse. And it’s less time consuming and overall less expensive than the alternatives. My lashes look great with mascara but I can even go without mascara now. They have made my lashes not only longer, but also fuller and darker.


And it’s very easy to use. Just apply directly to the skin of the upper eyelid margin and the base of the eyelashes (like using eyeliner) every night. It takes about four weeks for you to notice the effects but being patient is well worth it! Latisse is a prescription and can be purchased through our office. Give us a call and make a wish on your new eyelashes!

Trish, Patient Entry Staff and Cosmetic Coordinator