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Product of the Week: CCSD Correct Smoothing Cream

The CCSD Correct Smoothing Cream is  a great alternative to the discontinued Avene Akerat, see below for details! 

Key Ingredients: Glycolic Acid & Urea

  • Glycolic acid and Urea both moisturize, exfoliate, and retexturize rough, dry patches.

  • Provides intense therapy for dry skin, leaving skin softer and smoother.

  • Helps improve the appearance of KP (keratosis pilaris)

  • Exfoliating peptides and amino acids mimic skin’s natural moisturizing factor.

  • Fractionated hyaluronic acid draws moisture deep within the dermis.

  • Texture is smooth, a little waxy, medium to thick consistency. No strong smell.

This is primarily used as a body cream, but best use will be up to the provider. Safe to use during pregnancy and breast-feeding.

Directions: For large areas of the body, apply sparingly using a pea sized amount,  for targeted areas (hands, elbows, knees), apply a quarter sized amount to each area twice daily.

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