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What’s up with the recent headlines these days about celebrities not showering?

Sure, the pandemic has been hard on all of our daily beauty routines! But are there any hygiene risks with skipping the shower? We revisit a previous USA Today article with Dr. Carolyn Jacob back in 2017 explaining some of the repercussions of not showering for long periods of time!

  • You’d develop an odor
  • “Oily parts of your body would collect dirt & pollutants” -Dr. Jacob
  • Higher risk of infection
  • Your “hair becomes heavy with oil secreted from the scalp and the collected dirt and pollutants that stick to it” -Dr. Jacob
  • “As bacteria builds on your skin, it risks inflaming hair follicles, causing pimples.” Dr. Jacob
  • Your groin can develop “intertrigo, a yeast and inflammation combination that goes from itchy and red to burning and painful” -Dr. Jacob
  • “Dead skin would build up between your toes and become crusty.” -Dr. Jacob


How often should I shower?

So what’s the deal? How often do we ACTUALLY have to shower? Although some of the above cases are after extended periods of time, it’s recommended to shower every other day. However, this might not be the case for people who exercise frequently or work physically active jobs. If you work outside in the heat, are a line cook or moving shipments all day for example, you would be more prone to sweat and require daily showers. But if you work an indoor desk job with minimal movement throughout the day, then showering every other day should be fine for you.

For you regular shower takers out there, try some of these tips from our providers to help keep your skin healthy regardless of how often you’re sudsing up.

  • Keep showers under 15 minutes
  • Do not shower in extremely hot water
  • Pick products that don’t have harsh fragrances or perfumes – like the Elta Foaming Cleanser or the Revita Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Pat dry after getting out the shower
  • Moisturize immediately after drying to seal in moisture

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Check out the full USA TODAY article here.