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Beauty best not from the store

skincare beautyBelieve it or not, the best skin care products aren’t found at beauty counters, or surfing the web (where you can’t even guarantee you are buying genuine article). The real gems, we’re talking the hero products that extend a youthful and healthy glow, can only be found at your trusty Dermatology office. A good, remedial skin care regimen doesn’t always come in the form of a prescription. Corrective and preventative, dermatologist-approved brands contain only medical-grade ingredients, higher concentrations of key molecules (like vitamin C and retinol) and are scientifically backed and studied as to their efficacy. Your CCSD Derms are only about proven science, results and what really works! The best brands for your skin, like Skinbetter Science, EltaMD and Alastin are only sold through medical offices, because you are guaranteed a tried, true and tested product under the care of your chosen CCSD medical professional.